Windows update error 643 – Tips to fix

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May 5, 2021  3184 Views


To ensure smooth functioning of Windows, new updates are necessary but Error 643 stops your windows from updating.

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Let’s see the causes & fixes to it

Possible causes for Windows error 643

  • Corrupted files
  • Software conflicts
  • Registry issues
  • Malware infection


  • Step 1
    Sometimes, Windows updates might stop due to conflicts with third-party security             software. So, it is important to turn off the security software.
  • Step 2
    Malware attack can prevent Windows from updating which can cause Error 643. So you may run a malware scan using a third-party software or Windows defender.
  • Step 3
    Since the updates are downloaded online, network issues can also be a reason for Error 643. So, you need to check for network issues from control panel.
    Control panel > Network and Internet > Network and sharing center > Fix a network problem
  • Step 4
    If issue persists even after fixing the connectivity problems, then you may have to update network adapter drivers.
    Device manager > network adapter > update
  • Step 5
    If you are still getting the Error 643 even after following all the steps then you may try System restore option
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