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A Tech-Assured cloud migration roadmap will help establish a robust cloud migration plan that befits your organization.

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    Moving to cloud is nothing less than a draconian task for many companies out there. It certainly is daunting task for the IT department of a company. Thoughts such as what will be impact on existing business operations, what should we move first, data security, compliance, etc. are few critical factors that pop up.

    Leveraging Tech-Assured’s proven cloud experience, you can enjoy a future-proof cloud migration strategy and plan. With our expert cloud assessment and planning services, your business can continue to reap optimum value from your existing IT infrastructure whilst moving an inch closer to digital transformation.

    The crux of our cloud assessment and planning services is to help your employees understand the need to ditch the legacy infrastructure and move to a cloud based environment. The services are aimed at equipping your organization to transform its customer interactions, operations and drive maximum value of your investment in cloud technology. Tech-Assured assists your employees understand as what should be migrated and when for a smooth and seamless migration.

    The services are inclusive of a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, migration consulting and cost-effective migration strategy for a secure, agile and scalable migration.

    Tech-Assured’s Cloud Assessment and Planning services help you get aboard a crisp cloud migration plan aimed at your specific needs.

    • We would evaluate the ability of migrated IT/digital assets
    • Create a disaster recovery plan
    • Strategic development: Transparent cloud migration goals
    • Holistic view of your entire cloud migration journey
    • Help you finalize apps/processes to be moved to cloud
    • Help with resource utilization
    cloud assessment

    Cloud assessment and planning process


    We primarily assess your enterprise IT infrastructure, enterprise security, disaster recovery and other applications. Simply put, we do a comprehensive assessment of your enterprise’s readiness to migrate to cloud. This consists of all-encompassing analysis of your enterprise’s key frameworks and processes, resources, skills and technologies needed for a smooth migration.


    Cloud migration planning stage involves close assessment of the entire migration strategy in order to get a holistic view of the entire migration timeline and plan based on the priorities of your enterprise. Long story short, Tech-Assured’s cloud migration planning service helps your organization develop a crisp plan to migrate to cloud that is timed and prioritized to befit your specific requisites.


    The services equip your enterprise to transform its customer interactions, operations and drive overall operational value by harnessing the prowess of cloud technology. Tech-Assured helps your employees prepare themselves for the migration. We also prepare your organization for privacy and security concerns.


    During this stage, we club enterprise apps and processes depending on their interconnectivity with one another and amend them with the help of valuable insights received from infrastructure mapping and assessment. Long story short, Tech-Assured helps you create a virtual inventory of the data, applications, operating systems, servers and offers a streamlined migration roadmap.


    Here, we run a assess all the applications both in cloud as well as on-premise, labor, training, tools utilized, etc. to calculate the ROI of your cloud migration. A 360-degree view of the costs involved in migration, its benefits along with the costs of supporting the newly migrated assets in cloud.


    Tech-Assured’s cloud assessment and planning services aid your staff in preparing your company to transform its customer interactions, operations to drive optimum value from your cloud investment. Tech-Assured helps your staff clarify and understand as to what can be moved to cloud, timing of migration and the ones of great importance to your business.

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