Managed IT Services Overview

Service Overview

Tech-Assured’s Managed IT services offer customers with a pool of services designed to free their IT crew thus, allowing them to focus on other strategic chores while delegating the routine maintenance chores to us. Beginning with basic reactive monitoring to overall infra management, Tech-Assured’s managed services ensure that all our customers delegate their routine maintenance tasks to us whilst investing their capital and resources on other mission-critical tasks that require domain expertise.

Tech-Assured provides various engagement options based on specific requirements. For instance, Our MONITOR service offers alter escalation, filtering and monitoring to curb noise for internal IT crew thereby, rendering them with more resources and time at hand to focus on other strategic projects.

SUPPORT services on the other hand would instil SOP centered remediation techniques thus, providing greater focus on core internal IT team.

In addition, MANAGE service is a comprehensive infrastructure management offering that frees up our customers’ internal staff from all those non-critical tasks thus, allowing them to focus more on strategic initiatives. This helps to maximize your IT department’s ROI.

Tech-Assured’s IT as a Service not only enables a customer’s IT team to focus more on core activities only, but takes care of non-critical activities as well as at a minimal cost. By joining hands with us, our customers enjoy scalable and dynamic IT functions that adapt to changing requirements.


Tech-Assured’s Managed IT Services


Tech-Assured’s Monitor services offer on-demand and industry standard IT monitoring for all the major applications and platforms. Our alert monitoring service offering monitors a range of IT devices including basic individual IT systems to complex IT servers/infrastructure or environments. The prime objective is to curb the workload of system admins at customer sites and they can choose to receive alerts for selected critical alerts only.

Our filtering and validation mechanism ensures that our customers are not spammed with duplicate alerts for a single problem. Filtered alerts are forwarded to the internal IT crew based on a predefined escalation mechanism.


Tech-Assured’s Support services go a step beyond simple network infrastructure monitoring to proactive intervention and preventative maintenance. This is a boon for IT professionals and managers, who aim to drive IT managed services to a different level altogether by collaborating with a proficient IT partner like Tech-Assured.

Tech-Assured’s Support services would serve as a core to a business that has limited resources and limited focus on timely and quality resolutions. Our Support services are a step ahead compared to our Monitor services and bring in SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) oriented solutions to resolve issues pertaining to escalation and monitoring in an enterprise IT environment.


Tech-Assured’s Manage service strives to go beyond the unusual maintenance and monitoring chores of your network/IT infrastructure, since it involves in-depth management of all your critical enterprise applications, servers and networks. Though routine in nature and low on IT crew’s shoulders, these chores often are mission-critical.

Tech-Assured’s Manage service is a comprehensive infrastructure management solutions offering that aims to free your internal IT department from all those non-important chores thus, enabling them to channelize their efforts and time in strategic IT projects eventually helping to maximize your IT’s return on investment (ROI).

Service Offerings

Managed IT Security

Round the clock monitoring and protection from intrusions, malware along with regular security audits. 24 x 7 IT infrastructure monitoring and security.

Managed Server

Tech-Assured’s Managed Server Services ensure smooth and efficient servers across any hardware type and deployment.

Managed Network

Our managed network Services are great to drive cost-effectiveness, reliability and efficiency of enterprise networks. Report, manage and administer video/voice, WAN, LAN and Wireless infrastructure with proven SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Managed Database

Database management services covering leading database systems like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

Managed Desktop & Mobile

Enjoy a 360-degree view of your IT assets and security with remote support for desktop and mobile setups.

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