Managed Support Solutions

Managed Support

Tech-Assured offers a unique managed support solution to clients that helps drive revenue gain at no risk, enhances end-customer satisfaction and delivers strategic competitive benefits. The solution is delivered on our ready to use white label platform that serves to convert your customer support contact center into a profit center. The solution is an ideal fit for forward thinking & progressive consumer electronic manufacturers, physical & online retailers of consumer electronic goods, internet service providers, telecom providers and software companies to offer support services to consumers in a similar manner as leaders of their industry segments are doing.

The Opportunity

Most devices are accompanied with a complementary support services and a warranty period for the hardware. Paid support services, post complementary support are available from a variety of service providers and in some cases from the original device or technology provider as well. Device brands are facing severe competitive pressures and offering technical support is increasingly becoming a key differentiator to build customer loyalty but is also challenge cost wise.

Market leaders across the connected home market place have realized that the support opportunity is where the industry is heading. Just like the software industry evolved to SaaS business model, all major players in the technology value chain are also evolving to offer universal support services.

Market leaders in the universal support business

Consumer Electronic Manufacturers

Technology Product & Services Companies

Real-world & Online Retailers

Security Software Companies

Telco and Internet Service Providers

Our solution is a one-stop-shop for a variety of issues across brands, devices and software technologies that are delivered online so consumers have the benefit of support from the convenience of their homes twenty four hours a day, seven days a week – all at a compelling value.

Connected Devices Eco-System

Connected device adoption has increased significantly over the last decade as new categories of connected devices become available to consumers. Computing segment has nearly complete penetration in broad band households, entertainment device have reached saturation though penetration rates are much lower. Smart home and connected health devices are still relatively young in their evolution and growing steadily over the last five years. More importantly the computing and entertainment segment has seen a multifold increase in number of devices per house hold over the last decade from 4.1 devices per household to over 8.3 (ref Park Associates Research). The proliferation of devices, adoption and penetration rates highlight the opportunity to provide brand agnostic independent universal support to users. Any company operating within this ecosystem, can now tap our white label services to launch their own universal support solutions, for immediate gains.

IOT Connected Devices

Find out how our white label services can help you offer brand agnostic, independent technical support to your consumers.

  • Upgrade your customer support
  • Make new customers
  • Enhance value for your customers
  • Outpace your competitors

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