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    Tech-Assured’s cloud migration and deployment services consist of a robust migration and integration to ensure seamless and smooth migration of enterprise applications, data, etc. to cloud.

    Tech-Assured’s cloud migration and deployment services help you to:

    • Migrate from on-premise systems to cloud
    • Migrate email clients
    • Identify components that you should move to cloud such as enterprise apps, storage, servers, etc.
    • Zero in the best cloud migration strategy that befits your specific needs
    • Enjoy a scalable and agile cloud experience
    • Deploy documents and tools
    • Avail a customized migration and deployment approach depending on your unique needs
    • Enjoy comprehensive cloud deployment
    • Receive maximum return on investment
    cloud deployment & migration services

    Migration and deployment service


    Decommissioning the remaining systems and equipment is often the most neglected aspect during a cloud migration. We understand the importance of this critical migration process and thus, help you close inefficient and outdated enterprise applications whilst keeping intact all your historical data. Decommissioning is executed in line with the compliance and regulations.

    Lift and Shift

    Also known as rehosting, ‘Lift & Shift’ is a process wherein we simply lift and shift all your enterprise applications on the selected cloud infrastructure without incurring any changes to your existing enterprise IT infrastructure (on-premise).


    Tech-Assured performs minor changes in the code for the applications to work smoothly on a new platform. This is an important practice to eradicate any bottlenecks in application performance and to improve application’s efficiency.

    Application Architecture

    Simply put, application architecture and right sizing might need minute alterations for installing into the cloud. Tech-Assured’s attention to even the minutest of security concerns helps to ensure that all your enterprise applications work great on cloud. We even ensure that all your applications run smooth during peak times.

    Microservices architecture

    Tech-Assured not only assists its clients drive cloud migration and deployment, but also assists in consolidating Microservices architecture, which would enable agility, scalability and flexibility.


    Key enterprise applications that rely on mission-critical processes and does not support cloud are retained or recollected. These types of applications require some customizations to work fine on cloud setting.

    Application Lifecycle Management

    Tech-Assured’s expert cloud migration and deployment is incomplete without an extensive app development lifecycle management including support, maintenance and governance.

    New Deployments & Lifecycle Management

    Tech-Assured ensures proper deployment guidance for all the new applications. It also covers solution and architecture design guidance and assistance. Most importantly, Tech-Assured’s cloud migration and deployment services offer an all-inclusive app development and life cycle management assistance for app maintenance and development.

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    Best In Class

    Work with a certified Microsoft, AWS, and IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud Partner to accelerate your success with our long - standing relationships with leading cloud solution providers.

    End Of Support Migration

    Get help with End of Support Migrations to upgrade from older technologies to newer ones to get ongoing support and take advantage of advanced product capabilities.


    Experience personalized end to end support in planning, deployment and cloud migration assessment services and enjoy a broad range of services from managed infrastructure to support.


    Utilize state of the art IT infrastructure and expertise of certified Cloud and Information Security experts.

    Competitive Migration

    Get help with competitive migrations to move from high - cost traditional systems to more agile, low cost systems.

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