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Transform your legacy infrastructure into a modern-day cloud infrastructure for innovation and growth. We know how daunting it is to build a cost-effective, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure whilst executing a cloud migration project. We acknowledge the complexities involved and thereby, take a rounded approach to deal with cloud infrastructure operations when dealing with the existing IT architecture of your organization.

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    Tech-Assured helps organizations plan, design and build as well as integrate cloud IaaS solutions across multi-cloud, public and private cloud environments. We boast a crew of experienced infrastructure experts for Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and others. Cloud infrastructure experts at Tech-Assured exhibit sound proficiency and knowledge of working with most of the major cloud infrastructure platforms.

    We help you decide the:

    • Right cloud infrastructure strategy and planning for your organization on the basis of your business requirements
    • The best ways to creating the right infrastructure for you
    • Strategies to build cloud infrastructures for multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments
    • Technologies that would best meet your business needs. This includes orchestration, automation, cloud OS, etc.
    • Way you would want to integrate the new cloud infrastructure with your existing system and processes
    • Required amendments for your business support and operational tools/services
    • Roadmap to shift from traditional to cloud infrastructure
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    Infrastructure Operations Services


    Tech-Assured helps you with important OS upgrades, updates and patches. We also help you with password resets, policy management, resource configuration, deployment troubleshooting, audit log management and much more to offer you with a smooth and efficient cloud infrastructure.


    Tech-Assured offers budget-friendly services for organizations enabling them to access, restore and backup from any location via a hybrid cloud architecture.

    Disaster Recovery

    Tech-Assured’s disaster recover service paves way for data recovery on a cloud infrastructure. Eureka! Your business enjoys automated data backups and restore.


    Tech-Assured offers cloud infrastructure services across multiple private and public cloud platforms, all thanks to multitenant cloud infrastructure including automated console management.

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    Best In Class

    Work with a certified Microsoft, AWS, and IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud Partner to accelerate your success with our long - standing relationships with leading cloud solution providers.


    Utilize state of the art cloud infrastructure management and expertise of certified Cloud and Information Security experts. Get dedicated account management, governance and planning services, compliance and regulation support from industry experts.


    Experience personalized end to end support in planning, deployment and cloud migration assessment services and enjoy a broad range of services from managed infrastructure to support.

    Tech-Assured Cloud Expertise

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