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    More than 50% of cloud users today cite saving money as the top priority. To achieve this, you ought to process and equip your business with the right tools to tame cloud costs across all the cloud platforms you use. Tech-Assured’s cloud cost optimization services ensure that you are on the right and the most budget-friendly cloud platform all the time.

    We help you automate a broad range of cloud infrastructure assets and lifecycle management processes, thus, enabling a target-oriented cost scenario and forecasting. Our cloud cost optimization services provide you with access to detailed insights into billing and spend along with instant visibility into your current cloud spends. Our experts and engineers will assess and advise you to manoeuvre your cloud spends in the right direction.

    Our expert consultants would help your IT architect on cost-effective architecture design including right-sizing, service implementation, notifications, decommissioning, etc. We also help you to balance scalability and cost to attain a robust and flexible system that will auto scale.

    Tech-Assured can help you with both long and short –term right-sizing or re-architecting to ensure optimum ROI on your cloud spend.

    cloud cost optimization

    Cost Optimization Services

    Cost optimization

    Tech-Assured refines your cloud usage over time for assessing the best performance of your cloud assets whilst ensuring maximum ROI.

    Identify Waste Cloud Resources and Spend

    Identify unused or underused cloud resources.

    Spend management

    Tame your cloud spends by project, team and department with regular governance.

    Automate cost control

    Tech-Assured automates shutdowns and scaling.

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    Work with a certified Microsoft, AWS, and IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud Partner to accelerate your success. We have long - standing relationships with leading cloud solution providers.


    Utilize state of the art cloud infrastructure management and expertise of certified Cloud and Information Security experts. Get dedicated account management, governance and planning services, compliance and regulation support from industry experts.


    Experience personalized end to end support in planning, deployment and cloud migration assessment services and enjoy a broad range of services from managed infrastructure to support.

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