HAProxy network error: cannot bind socket

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If you are getting HAProxy Network Error “cannot bind socket”, then it seems that another process is listening on the same interface and TCP port combination, which is used by HAProxy.

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Let’s see the causes and fixes to it

Causes for HAProxy network error

  • Another process listens on the same interface and TCP port combination, which is used by HAProxy
  • IP address is not assigned to a network interface


Troubleshooting with systemctl

Command line for CentOS, Fedora, and RedHat-derived systems:

$ sudo systemctl status haproxy.service -l –no-pager

Troubleshooting with journalctl

Command line for Ubuntu:

$ sudo journalctl -u haproxy.service –since today –no-pager

Command line for CentOS:

$ sudo journalctl -u haproxy.service –since today –no-pager

Troubleshooting with ss and ps utilities:

In order to determine the name of the process which is bound to IPv4 interface on port 80. (Note: Replace 80 with the exact port number from the error message)

$ sudo ss -4 -tlnp | grep 80

Troubleshooting with IP utility:

In order to examine both IPv4 and IPv6 on network interfaces, we need to use following command line

For IPv4:

$ sudo ip -4 -c address show

For IPv6:

$ sudo ip -6 -c address show

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