SQL Server error 3266/3013 [Solved]

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January 27, 2021  3239 Views


While performing a database backup, if you have come across error 3266/3013 then you have come to the right place …! Here at Tech-Assured, our experts have a solution for all types of server related issues.

Let’s find out the causes & fixes to this error…

Possible causes for error 3266/3013

  • Media failure in storage location
  • Write failure while creating a backup
  • Network failure during backup process
  • Insufficient space

Solution 1

Delete existing backup file: Before deleting existing backup file, you need to first back-up the database by using the following command…

BACKUP DATABASE mydatabase TO DISK=’C:\MyDatabase.bak’ with FORMATRetrieve other backup files: Now you need to run the following command to retrieve other backup files from Query Analyzer…


Solution 2

If the issue is not resolved even after performing Solution 1, then you need to follow three important steps.

Step 1: Recovery of corrupted database

Step 2: Repair the corrupted database

Step 3: Export to database

Ask for help –
Our Support Engineers will walk you through these 3 steps… feel free to approach us for any server related issue.

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