MySQL Error: 1054 Unknown column in ‘field list’

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January 27, 2021  28191 Views


If you see this error, it means you have forgotten something while creating table.

Let’s see the causes & fixes to it

Possible causes for Error 1054

  • Missing column in a table.
  • Single quotes missing while inserting varchar value.
  • Mismatch between CREATE_TABLE and UPDATE.


  • Check the database of the working site on localhost site and export the problematic table on the live site.
  • Save the file and open it using code editor.
  • Construct the ALTER SQL query to add missing column in database table.
  • ALTER TABLE<table_name>ADD<column_name><datatype>AFTER<after_column>

Apart from these causes, there could be many other reasons to this error code, if the issue still persists…

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