How to recover corrupt .BAK file in SQL

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Webmasters have often come across this situation but our support Engineers can resolve such issues as a part of our Server Management service.

Let’s see the causes & fixes to it

Possible causes which can corrupt SQL backup file

  • If the system is shut down or crashed while the database is still open
  • Virus infection in the device, where backup is stored
  • SQL server contains bugs


Manually restore data from corrupt .BAK file in SQL server

  • Login to your SQL Server Management Studio
  • Navigate to the database you wish to recover
  • Right click on Tasks and then click on >Restore >Database
  • Get on the General Tab and setup the source to device>Select Backup device>Add>.BAK file
  • Select the Option tab and check on “Overwrite existing database (WITH REPLACE)” and “Close existing connections to the destination database”
  • Uncheck tail log backup before restore and click OK

Once you restore the data, you can be rest assured that you won’t lose anything but the data is restored with a corrupted .BAK file. So now you will have to proceed with repair of corrupt BAK file.

Manually Repair Corrupt .BAK file in SQL server

You can repair the data (.MDF) file by using DBCC CHECHDB repair option

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