How to recover corrupt .BAK file in SQL

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January 27, 2021  1855 Views


Webmasters have often come across this situation but our support Engineers can resolve such issues as a part of our Server Management service.

Let’s see the causes & fixes to it

Possible causes which can corrupt SQL backup file

  • If the system is shut down or crashed while the database is still open
  • Virus infection in the device, where backup is stored
  • SQL server contains bugs


Manually restore data from corrupt .BAK file in SQL server

  • Login to your SQL Server Management Studio
  • Navigate to the database you wish to recover
  • Right click on Tasks and then click on >Restore >Database
  • Get on the General Tab and setup the source to device>Select Backup device>Add>.BAK file
  • Select the Option tab and check on “Overwrite existing database (WITH REPLACE)” and “Close existing connections to the destination database”
  • Uncheck tail log backup before restore and click OK

Once you restore the data, you can be rest assured that you won’t lose anything but the data is restored with a corrupted .BAK file. So now you will have to proceed with repair of corrupt . فريق kaa gent BAK file.

Manually Repair Corrupt .BAK file in SQL server

You can repair the data (.MDF) file by using DBCC CHECHDB repair option

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