Cloudflare Error 1020 Access Denied

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While using Cloudflare on a WordPress site, it is the best way to make content load faster and more securely especially while working from different locations around the world.

However, similar problems such as error 1020 access denied can cause the website to be unavailable to users who try to access it.

Tech-assured server management service includes support for all kind of Cloudflare related issues. Today, our support Engineers will show you how to tackle such issues.

Causes for error 1020

  • Firewall rule in cloudflare blocking IP address, browser or country

The purpose of “error 1020 access denied” is to protect the website from unwanted users. However, it is possible to block an IP address that does not really represent danger.


Pause Cloudflare on site

  • Steps
    • Open Cloudflare portal
    • Click on Overview tab > Advanced actions > Pause Cloudflare on site

Find out which Firewall rule triggered the error

  • Steps
    • Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
    • Click on the Cloudflare account.
    • Select the domain
    • Click the Firewall app.
    • Overview tab will display the Activity log
    • Click any entry in the Firewall Activity log to expand further details.

Edit or Turn off Firewall rules

Once you find out the exact firewall rule, you have to make changes to the rule so that the website is again accessible.

  • Steps
    • Under the Firewall section, the rules will be visible.
    • In order to edit the rule, Click on the wrench icon next to the rule.

If the Firewall activity log doesn’t provide the exact rule id. Then, you will need to disable all the firewall rules and then enable them one by one.

    • Click on the toggle switch next to the rule id > turn the rule ON/OFF
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