MySQL failed to start

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MySQL failed to start

If you see this error, it means you have forgotten something while creating table.
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Let’s see the causes & fixes to it

Possible causes for Error 1054

  • Missing column in a table.
  • Single quotes missing while inserting varchar value. فريق البير ميونخ
  • Mismatch between CREATE_TABLE and UPDATE.

Possible causes for this error

  • MySQL corrupted: If MySQL table gets corrupted, it won’t allow the MySQL server to start.
  • Configuration error: If there is any error or unsupported parameters in the configuration file, it will not allow the MySQL to start. 
  • Permissions/Ownership issues: If there are any accidental changes in permission or ownership of MySQL files, it won’t allow the MySQL to start. 
  • Disk space issue: If there is a lack of sufficient disk space in the server, it won’t allow the MySQL to start.
  • Memory issues: If there are other processes running and MySQL is not getting sufficient memory, it won’t allow the MySQL to start.


  • If MySQL binary or tables get corrupted, you need to reinstall the server.
  • In order to fix configuration issue, we need to access the MySQL configuration file (my.cnf) where the errors are highlighted so that it can be resolved.
  • In order to fix Permissions/Ownership issues, you need to first access the data directory and set it up in such a way that the MySQL user can read and modify it
  • In order to fix Disk space issue, you need to remove unnecessary data or move to another partition.
  • In order to fix Memory issues, you need to increase the swap memory allocated to the server.

If the issue still persists…

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